General conditions


Arrival time: from 3pm

eparture time: before 11am



Only a signed contract as well as the earnest money corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the stay will validate the reservation of the villa. The balance is due before entering the villa.

The balance of the rental must be paid either before 30 days of arrival in the villa, or 60 days before this date during the end of year celebrations.

If the balance is not paid within the specified time, Allyre will be entitled to cancel the booking without prejudice to the terms of cancellation. The earnest money will then be kept by Allyre.

When a reservation is made between the date the balance is requested and the date of arrival in the villa, the cash payment of the totality of the rental will be required.



On behalf of the customer:

Any request for cancellation must be addressed in writing to the Agency.

If the client cancels before the date on which payment of the balance is required, the client will have to pay 30% of the rental price.

If the cancellation takes place between the date when the payment of the balance is required and the day of arrival, the client will have to pay the totality of the stay.

In case of no-show, changes to the reservation (change in the number of people, early departure...), the full payment of the stay will be due.


On behalf of the agency :

The Agency will endeavour to honour the reservation made by the Client.

However, if the accommodation, object of the reservation, is unusable, Allyre will propose another property to its client. If external nuisances, such as a neighbouring construction, would be detrimental to a peaceful occupation, a change of villa can be made, in this precise case and only within the limits of the agency's possibilities.

If the client refuses this change, then we will reimburse the sums received for this reservation, to the exclusion of any other compensation of any kind whatsoever.



The capacity of the accommodation will have to be respected. Infants sleeping in cradles are not counted but must be declared at the time of booking.

If during the stay it is found that the number of occupants is higher than the number mentioned in the reservation, an update of the price will be made and must be paid without delay by the person who made the reservation.

Subletting is forbidden.

The client undertakes to give free access to the accommodation during the day to the cleaning lady(s) and at any time to the person in charge of the villa (the "Manager"). 



The Tenant agrees that this contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with French law with respect to any claim against the Agency.

In case of dispute, the competent jurisdiction is the Tribunal de Basse Terre (Guadeloupe).



At the time of booking, Allyre, through Ingenico, will retain the tenant's credit card details to cover any damage that may occur during their stay at the property.

An authorisation for the use of this credit card information will need to be signed by the client and returned to the agency to cover any such damage.

A pre-authorisation of 10% will be made on this credit card. It will be reimbursed within 48 to 72 hours following the end of the stay if no damage is found.

No damage to the property and disturbance to the neighbourhood will be tolerated. Any damage, by the tenant or the other occupants, will give rise to the establishment of a repair estimate (increased by 5% of treatment costs) by a professional and the repairs will have to be fully paid for by the customer.

If the accommodation cannot be re-rented as a result of this damage, damages and interest will be charged to the client.

If the tenant notices damages in the accommodation on his arrival, he will have to inform Allyre immediately.



Unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement, cleaning is carried out every day except Sundays and public holidays. It is included in the rent. In case you would like an additional service for the cleaning, an estimate will be proposed to you.



In order to protect your stay, we suggest that you take out insurance covering the risks linked to your trip and stay (accident, illness, flight cancellation, delay, loss of luggage, damage to the property...).



When the property has access to a swimming pool, it must be equipped with a security system in accordance with articles 1281 and 1282 of the French Construction Code.

Therefore, the Tenant and the other occupants of the property undertake to leave this alarm or other security device (fences, covers,...) in operation throughout their stay.

They further acknowledge that they are fully aware that, even when in operation, the alarm is in no way a substitute for their vigilance in terms of the supervision they must provide for their child(ren) or any other person(s).



Our rates are in euros and per night.

However for some properties a minimum of 7 nights is required. Depending on the season, the minimum stay may be 14 days (Christmas and New Year's Day).
Rates are subject to change without notice.



Safe deposit boxes are provided in the villas, if this is not the case, it is the responsibility of the occupants to keep their personal belongings safe. 

Under no circumstances will Allyre and/or the owner be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of these objects and/or personal effects.



The St Barthelemy community charges a tourist tax of 5% of the rental price. This tax will be due before your arrival and will be calculated during the booking process on our website.


The french original texte preval on the english translation.